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1. Tenancy Management for Participants

STS is focussed on finding the forever home for SDA participants

The team at STS are dedicated to meeting the housing needs of people with a disability including people with severe functional impairment and/or very high person to person support needs.

STS understands the importance of meeting the participants’ wishes and their needs for their housing, including preferences for; location, ideal living arrangements (sharing or not sharing), ideal housing types, optimal designs and inclusions (for example, assistive technologies).

2. Accessible Dwellings

STS is passionate about working alongside people with a disability to find the housing of their choice.

We are aware that living in inappropriate housing can add complexity and challenges to everyday living. SDA housing is a critical part of the solution towards gaining a higher level of independence.

3. Choice & Control

The tenancy and property management solution developed by STS is well aligned with the key aspirations of the NDIS:

  • Choice & control

  • To create an environment promoting “capacity building support” and improved independence

  • The provision of high quality and innovative technology supports enabling people with disability to maximise independent lifestyles and full inclusion in the community

4. STS Management Experience

The STS team’s unique combination of senior executive experience in the disability housing sector since 2017 ensures the quality of accommodation services required to support SDA participants. We are part of their journey to support them to maximise control and enjoyment of their everyday living environment.

5. Participant's Home Life Experience

STS recognises that there are multiple stakeholders involved in each participant’s “home life” experience. We know that it is important to collaboratively and proactively engage with each part of the SDA Tenancy and Property Management process.

Our primary responsibility is to act in the best interests of the Participant


STS understands the importance of meeting each individual’s particular housing requirements. Working closely and collaboratively with the participant, their supports, their family and health professionals is essential to achieving the best SDA housing outcome.    


It is essential that a new SDA provision in participants’ plans identifies an appropriate SDA design category, building type, location and funding.


STS works closely and collaboratively with Support Coordinators and Occupational Therapists to assist them to achieve the appropriate SDA outcomes for their clients to meet all the elements of their particular housing needs.



We work across all databases and investigate suitable housing options currently available for participants in appropriate locations. We also consider soon to be available options.


Choice and control for people with a disability are at the centre of our business.


STS understands the NDIS and SDA Rules and complexities and the stated goals of the NDIS to support the independence and social and economic participation of people with a disability.

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