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STS is a Registered SDA Provider focussed exclusively on tenancy management for people with a disability.


We are independent and we are there when you need us. STS will help you find your ‘forever home’.

We are passionate about working alongside people with a disability to find housing of their choice.

Living in inappropriate housing can add unnecessary challenges to participating in work or study and in the community while maintaining independence.

That is why purpose-built accessible accommodation combined with appropriate support, when it’s needed, is critical in helping people live safely, independently and with dignity.

The correct accommodation can be a key factor in supporting participants to maximise control of their everyday living environment.

Our services play an important role in achieving the stated goal of the NDIS to support the independence and social and economic participation of people with a disability.

STS operates anywhere in Australia as the SDA Rules are the same for all locations.

Robert Northcott
Founder and Principal

Robert Northcott is the founder and Managing Director of Specialist Tenancy Services. He has been active in the Specialist Disability Accommodation (SDA) space and hands-on tenancy management for people with a disability since 2017. With a background as a lawyer and as a property valuer Robert understands the intricacies of the SDA Rules, the design criteria and the property market.

Greta Byrne
Senior Consultant

Greta Byrne is a Senior Consultant at Specialist Tenancy Services. She is an experienced property manager and research analyst. She brings a unique skill set to STS with qualifications that include Bachelor of Nursing (QLD) and Bachelor of Property Economics (QUT).

Bruce Camplin
Senior Consultant

Bruce is a senior Consultant with STS focused on assisting participants with their Tenancy Matching. He has experience in Travel and Tourism, customer service and is also currently working in the events arena as a special needs coordinator.

Bruce has personal knowledge regarding properties in the SDA Market having navigated and ultimately succeeded in achieving his own SDA outcome. He brings this lived experience and knowledge and valuable insights to STS assisting participants in finding and navigating their own journey to secure their forever home.

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